ROBORIDER is a high intensity fully mobile robotic thrill ride!

The robot moves across 6 axes and performs a completely random sequence of flips, rolls and rotation in every dimension at high speed! The passenger is placed in position facing away from the robot so the unexpected twist and the ‘unknown’ will make the ride even more thrilling! Hold on for a ride you have never experienced before! 3.5 g‘s of exhilarating fun!

Launching Soon and coming to a major event near you!

ROBORIDER expands the successful Kuka Robocoaster robotic ride by changing it from a static, fixed installation (More than 76 fixed installations world-wide) to a fully mobile and flexible ride system that can placed anywhere there is a reasonably flat surface and a footprint of 16 metres long by 16 metres wide, with a height clearance of 9 metres.  ROBORIDER can be set up in theme parks, shopping centre carparks, exhibition centres, public spaces, parks, fields, museums and galleries to name a few!

ROBORIDER is a fully self-contained unit, no power, water or waste disposal is needed, just a large enough area with sufficient overhead clearance and a firm flat surface.

…robots have stepped off the production line and into a world of unlimited excitement!


These are some of the most commonly asked questions about ROBORIDER, if there is something that is not listed please email our team via our Contact Us page on the site and we will endeavour to answer as quickly as possible.


ROBORIDER is a high intensity & portable industrial robot based thrill ride capable of simulating the experience of a
roller coaster. In the most extreme setting it can impart up to 3.5g. The robot is capable of moving in 6 axes, so
riders experience flips, rolls & rotation in every dimension and the passenger cell sits riders looking away from the
robot so they can never tell what is coming next, adding to the thrill!

ROBORIDER uses the successful KUKA ROBOCOASTER robotic ride (More than 76 fixed installations world-wide). We have named the trailer mounted version ROBORIDER and it is the first trailer mounted ROBOCOASTER unit anywhere in the world. It is also the first mobile robotic entertainment ride in Australia!

What are the space requirements?

The ROBORIDER operating space requirements are as follows:

  • Length-Including crowd control guarding – 18.5 metres
  • Width-Including crowd control guarding – 12.5 metres
  • Height-Minimum clearance when on “XTREME” mode – 7.5 metres

The standard ride duration is approx 2 minutes, allowing ROBORIDER to thrill 50 riders per hour.

ROBORIDER cuts an impressive profile and will never be missed by patrons. The robot is mounted 2 metres above
the ground on the semi-trailer base. At full extension, in the vertical position, the passenger cell is 7 metres off the

Are there any ride restrictions?

ROBORIDER is suitable for kids, teenagers and adults alike, with 5 different ride levels available from”GENTLE” to
“XTREME” and custom VR experiences.

It seats 2 riders per cycle, and the ride safety requirements are:

  • Rider less than 100kg
  • Rider height more than 1.2m and less than 1.95m
  • Rider minimum age 6 years
  • Rider between 1.2m and 1.4m can only ride on GENTLE and FUN levels
  • NOT intoxicated OR under influence of drugs
  • NO pre-existing heart condition or blood pressure problem
  • NOT pregnant
  • NO Existing medical conditions


ROBORIDER is fully compliant with Australian Occupational Health and Safety standards and is certified for use in Australia. It has been highly engineered with safety our first priority, and is run by a highly trained team.

Where does ROBORIDER travel to?

ROBORIDER will be bringing our unique brand of excitement Australia wide! The ride is also able to be shipped internationally, so contact us no matter where you are in the world!

Where can ROBORIDER be used?

ROBORIDER can be used at: Music Concerts, Festivals & Carnivals, Regional & Royal Shows, New Years Eve
celebrations, Parades, Private Functions & Corporate Events, Sporting Events, Trade Shows & Exhibitions, Shopping
Centres and much more, just imagine the possibilities!


Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or bookings at any time via our CONTACT link.


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